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Raspberry Pi3B+ and TS921 Sender card from Linsn

Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:59 pm

Raspberry Pi3B+ and TS921 Sender card from Linsn

I’m trying to get a Pi3B+ to work with the sender card TS921 (TS901) from Linsn. I have connected the HDMI port from the Pi3+ to the DVI port from the TS921.

Pi3B+ -> TS921 -> RV908 -> LED Screen. This is technically working.

But.. I have a test LED Screen from 64x32 pixels. So I must play with the settings in the /boot/config.txt file to get the right HDMI output from 64x32 pixels.

In the config.txt file I can go as low at 320x240 pixels and I still have a part of the picture on my LED screen. If I go lower for example to 256x128 pixels the TS921 card stops receiving and I have no picture at all on the LED Screen.

I’m trying to figure out where the problems is, the Pi3B+ or the TS921.

So for debugging, I must know what is the lowest pixel mode to get from the HDMI port from the Pi3B+.

I can’t find this on internet therefore I ask here in this forum in the hope that someone can help me out.

Thanks for your answers. ! :-)

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Re: Raspberry Pi3B+ and TS921 Sender card from Linsn

Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:15 am

As far as i know,

Not the outgoing Signal on hdmi needs to be resized
You specify your screen Range in the Sendung card of Linsn.
This is done or flashed with the Lisn Software.
Connected only to the linsn Sendung card.
(No PI needed or hdmi Signal for this config)


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