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Re: Portable gaming setup

Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:22 pm

DavidS wrote:
Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:55 am
Imperf3kt wrote:
Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:47 am
Got any brand names / model numbers? I'd be interested to know myself

Brand generic. Model, many.

For the display I found it on a walmart listing (most recently), the keyboard and mouse were picked up at a store in a nearby town (closest town, about 100KM away) (not sure which store anymore), 12-volt 20 amp battery, picked up from in store. You can do a search and find many in the range.

On the displays, when I want one I just order what I find at a low price from a reliable vendor, I have a good number of them all still working (none of them have a model number that I can tell, looking at a couple of them now). They are usually advertised as something along the lines of Display for Raspberry Pi or something similar, often including names of other devices that CAN use them.

That is about it. I no longer have the battery packs, as no longer have any use of them. Oh the 5V 3A adaptors are often sold under automotive brandings, usually for consol power in an automobile. Though I now use a much bigger battery pack that powers my entire house, hooked to 15Amp 5Volt addaptors for 80% of my electronics (including all my RPi), as my house is powered 100% off of a small solar PV array.

So I recently picked up some more Raspberry Pi 3 units. You’re probably thinking I’m building my own T1000 (Terminator reference) with these things. No, actually I got these units for work to play around with some IoT projects around the office at Couchbase. I have a few offices that I visit at Couchbase which brought up my need to have multiple possible wireless networks to connect to as I travel. So How can I connect these?

Update: Thanks to the community. My problem is solved

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Re: Portable gaming setup

Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:07 am

Plenty of smaller Gameboy type setups, even tutorial on Adafruit etc.
Run RetroPie on them.
Need to wait a month or so for PI4 to run Retropie.
Th extra power means more games and even newer consoles can be emulated.

If the LCD is 320x240 framerates are ok.
480x320 starts to slow down on the GPIO pins.
Now there are small HDMI input screens for 4" and up.

Checkout the Waveshare gaming solutions.
The GameHat has HDMI.

DPI, DSI, SPI screens need drivers, HDMI just works.

The Pi4 is pretty good running old OpenGL games windowed.
Some old PC ones have been open sourced now.
Not sure if any game will run at 4K?

Can Pi's serve WebGL games?
It can be a Minecraft server.
Pi as server and iPad as browser?
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