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server with inbuilt router?

Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:28 pm

Sorry in advance for the daft sounding question.

I've built a system using an old PC as a localhost php server, the overall thing is simple and consists of only two pages, the index page on the server displays the output and a tablet accesses another page to carry out mySQL updates to be displayed on the output.

At the minute its the server linked to an old router (without internet access) in order to allow the tablet to access the server.

What I would like to do is put the server onto a Pi which is straight forward, ideally though I'd rather not have the router in place at all, especially considering its twice the size of the Pi. I've read articles of how you can turn the Pi into a wifi router but can I do that as well as having it run as an Apache server? Or is there an easy way for the tablet to access a page on the Pi to carry out updates ie directly via wifi or bluetooth?

Sorry for what is probably a really straight forward query.

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Re: server with inbuilt router?

Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:54 am

That shouldn't be a problem.

The first part of the Access Point howto page shows how to turn the Pi into a router (i.e. manage 2 different networks).
The performance impact should be imperceptible.
WiFi is easier, faster, more robust than BT networking. The choice is clear IMHO.

(If the Pi router must have an interface directly exposed to the Internet, make sure you're using solid firewall rules. If you need to configure a firewall it is probably best to go with a "meta" firewall package, like ufw or shorewall, rather than working directly with iptables.)
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