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Kodi-->Jack--> Stereotool-->HiFi_Berry-DAC

Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:28 pm

Hi All new in the forum

I am trying to send what is played by Kodi ( Music) into Jackd so I can process via Stereotool and then out to the outupt ( either the board jack or HiFi Berry Dac 2 pro I have

Raspian ok
ALSA aplay works ok for both boards, test wav is played
launch Jackd and it starts ok
launch Stereotool and it starts ok telling "Jack connection opened"
use Stereotool output test and sound is ok out from PI3 jack

Looks like I am not able to set the connection in Jack, I cannot find the input and output boards to connect

Sorry for the short description , can provide any detail if my request is not clear as a general sense



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