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Difficulty Setting Up DragonRise Zero-Delay USB Controller

Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:24 pm

I'm terribly frustrated having spent the last 5 hours trying to set up two zero-delay DragonRise USB controllers with Emulation Station/RetroPie. I am using a Rasp Pi 3.

SETUP: Two joysticks, each with two buttons each (A & B). I also have a player 1 button, one coin button, and a player 2 button.
PROBLEM: I set up everything in Emulation Station but then when I go to "Arcade" the controls don't work. My keyboard does work though. I tried hitting TAB and then setting the controls manually within the game, but the key presses/controller movement don't register. Again, my keyboard works.

I'm so close to finishing my machine, but this is holding me back. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

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