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PiSugar - power module designed for Pi zero

Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am

Hi everyone!

When we were developing a portable device based on pi zero w, we found that there's no suitable solution for power supply. So we decided to make one by ourselves.

We called it PiSugar PowerPack.


Our goal is to make it portable, delicate and user-friendly. The battery is attached to the board by a magnet.


## Perfect Size
The sizes of circuit board and bettery perfectly match raspberry pi zero (also W and WH). You can easy put your prototypes in small cases.

## Easy to Install
Install in one minute. No need for welding. Friendly for beginners.

## USB Charging
Charge via micro USB port. Also you can charge when it is running a raspberry pi zero.

## On-board Switch
One tap to turn on, dual taps to turn it off. No need to detach.

## Place It Anywhere
With iron sheets inside, you can place your pi zero anywhere with magnet.

Right now we are testing beta version of PiSugar.
If you are interested in PiSugar, you can follow our github project. It will be updated as soon as we have any progress.

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