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IDJC, Jack and icecast

Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:28 am

I occasionally have a reason to use idjc to send a stream to my remote server which is then, in turn, streamed to an opensim server (although it isn't exclusive - anyone with the address could tune in with vlc etc.). I do this from my desktop using idjc, jack and icecast, with a full GUI.

Anyone know how to do it from a PI in headless mode? That way, I could have the stream always on.

NB. I'm not bothered at this point about controlling the stream - I'll figure that out. It's just the initial setup I need. The way I do it now is with qjackctrl using the net driver pointing to my VPS. Headless - I've never done.
Headless PI. OMG, someone cut it's head off. Oh, hang on. it didn't have one to start with.

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