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Taking pictures pushing a momentary tactle switch

Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:29 pm

I am new to the forum, no experience in python programming, "vague" ideas about bash scripting.
I have a pi zero and a camera module.
I wouls like to take pictures by pushing a momentary switch.
I found this tutorial about the way to connect the switch:
I would like to know if there is a command (i.e. raspistill with some options) or a bash script to take a photo when pressing the switch.
I found some web sites showing Python code to do that but all have a line with sleep time, usually 2 seconds. I would not like to set a sleep time. As far as I know tha camera needs less than 100 ms to mesure expositions parameters.
Someone could help about a python code to shoot a photo when pressing the switch without limitations in frequency of shooting, except the time needed to press the switch?
Could that be done by a bash script?
Another question:
raspistill has many options to change default settings in awb, iso etc. Could it be possible to choose specific options which would be available for a sequence of pictures as far as needed?

Thank you very much.


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