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Important message concerning Issue #67

Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:47 pm


Just to let everyone know we have taken steps to address this. We've reprinted the magazine with a replacement tutorial which will be on the newsstand, and have changed the digital edition. This email has just been sent to everybody who receive a subscription print copy.

We've been hearing from our readers about electrical safety concerns with a community tutorial in The MagPi 67: "Make a WiFi Desk Lamp" (page 50-51).

The tutorial didn't meet our editorial standards, and because of the nature of the guide we have decide to remove it from circulation.

We are printing new copies of The MagPi 67 with a replacement tutorial. The new print edition of the magazine will be available from this weekend on The Raspberry Pi Press store and from Thursday 8 March in retail outlets. If you subscribed within the last few days you'll receive the new version of the magazine soon.

Digital copies of The MagPi 67 have had this tutorial replaced. You can download it here.

If you have purchased, or received, a print copy of The MagPi 67 please do not follow the Make a WiFi Desk Lamp tutorial.

We would like to thank the readers who brought this to our attention. We are a community magazine and could not do this without the support and help of the Raspberry Pi community.

Thank you.
Lucy Hattersley

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