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Ps3 controller issue

Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:18 pm

Hello I'm having trouble with my ps3 controller. Original I had two connected throw Bluetooth and all worked fine. But today I update my retropie script and update all installed package. And now when two are connected at the same time. They seem to stuff up e.g

1 player connects then 2 player connects then 1 player turns off and when I resync it's all so player two.

And even if all go's will player 1 control seems to have this 5 second lag delay witch lags the controller out. So when your playing if your holding right when the 5 second happens it gets stuck in the for 2 second before releaseing. And it dose not matter witch controller it the player 1. (black and red control) both do it if one is 1St player

What I mean by player 1 or 2 is the order they sync to the retropie

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