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CPU temperature/frequency/utilization monitoring

Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:37 pm

I am not sure is this is the best place in the forums to post this, and how to make it most useful to everybody.

We have created a tool to monitor CPU utilization temperature and frequency, and display it in a nice graphical way in a terminal (no Xserver) using python urwid library.
It is called s-tui. The link to the github page:

It was tested to work with Raspbian on RPi, RPi 2 and RPi 3.
It was written originally for X86 but works with ARM as well.

The installation process is explained in the github page. But I'll add it here just in case:

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sudo apt install python-dev
sudo apt install python-pip
sudo pip install s-tui
If you want to integrate s-tui with stress and test your RPi under load, install stress

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sudo apt install stress
I think it makes it easier to monitor statistics this way.
Please leave a comment if you find this useful. I am looking for ways and ideas to improve this.

If you find bugs, you are welcome to open an issue on github.

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