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Need Advice On School Project

Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:22 pm

Hello Community,

I have never written in any kind of forum, yet. As I really want to start a project with the rasperry pi 3b in school I am asking you for advice.
Here is what I am planning to do:
I want to print out historical posters and have the students record audio files what the people on the posters might say. Then I want to put all the recorded files on the raspberry pi. Next, I want the raspberry pi to act as a webserver and I want to connect it to a router. As we don't have WLAN, that's necessary. So t. hen I want to create QR-codes and also put them on the posters which will be hanging in the classroom. After having downloaded a QR-reader, every student will be able to log in to my raspberry pi lan and when scanning the QR codes in the classroom actually hear the recordings in their web browser. This means that at the same time 25 students will listen to different recordings. In short: 1. scan QR code, 2. website will open with the corresponding audio file.

So now my question to this community: Is it technically possible? And if yes, have you by chance ever come across a tutorial about something similar?

Thank you all in advance for your help (also, I am hoping that this is the right spot for this kind of question).


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Re: Need Advice On School Project

Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:27 pm

basically this is not a problem. Install a web server (apache2) on your pi, locate the audio files in the www-folder and put the url to the qr-codes.

But the 'student scanning the qr'-part is not clear. Usually there are mobile used for this purpose, but you need to connect the mobile with the pi, preferably wireless. Which you do not have. Using wired computers to scan the qr is possible, but not very appealing.

Is it possible to have a local wireless access point in classroom for this purpose ? Either use your pi3 to span a wifi network or buy a cheap access point. If your pi is only spanning a wireless network and has no connection to school net, then this is not a (almost not a) security risk.

When your pi is connected to internet and accessible as a server from the world through all firewalls into your school, then kids could use their mobile connections. Personally I would avoid this as - not all kids will own this access - and opening an access into a internal lan should be done really carefully and you have to convince your lan administrator to do things he will not like.

Hope this helps

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