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Automatic wireless from RPi to PC file transfer

Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:54 am

I am a newie user of Arduino and Raspberry. I am working on a project yo use a RPi to trigger two cameras in a drone and store in a SD card for later sending to a PC. The idea is that the RPi should be able to automatically send the files to the PC when it is near and has connection though wifi or bluetooth.
Can you give my any idea of where to start to make this automatic wireless data transmission tool? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Automatic wireless from RPi to PC file transfer

Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:09 pm

I am a newbie to RPi and been hacking at Arduino for about a year, came across your post while researching interfacing them for wireless data transfer.

I recently set up SAMBA and accomplished SMB file transfer TO the RPi. This was done from a Copier/Scanner device with SMB Send scripted into it's functionality. The share on the RPi is easy to get files into, but the sharename wasn't as expected, in case you try, browsing the share will help determine that.

However, using the SMBClient, you may be able to go the other way INTO a Windows share, barring any protocol conflict with what SMB dialects Windows will accept. It may help to create a Windows user with the same credentials as the RPi login with Full Read/Write rights to the shared folder. Otherwise you may need to explicitly provide UName/PWrd credentials of the Windows User in your script.

As for the 'Automatic' part, I imagine you would need to write that into a shell script along with the transfer command i.e.:
$ smbclient //server/share -c 'cd c:/remote/path ; put local-file remote-file'

Here is the link with info I used to set up SAMBA on the RPi: ... pberry-pi/

If you run into this subject in an FTP post(like I did), you can do all this with FTP as well over your local network, but setting up FTP on Windows is an extra step, best accomplished with third party FTP software, a whole different topic.

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Re: Automatic wireless from RPi to PC file transfer

Mon May 29, 2017 1:33 am

Can you please share what should be done, the process and requirements for automatic wireless file transfer from pi to pc? Like you, my data files from pi must automatically be sent to a specified folder in my laptop desktop over the internet.

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