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chromium-browser video window shrinks to a dot

Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:10 pm

I have a rpi3 with jessie. I have chromium-browser installed.
Everything was working fine and then suddenly yesterday strange behaviour started happening if I play any *.mp4 file (i.e. I provide a link to the file). The video window starts off right then it keeps shrinking (as if in a special effects) and then boom 5..4..3..2...1 the square/rect window has shrunk to a dot.!
The sound part of the video file plays correctly.
I did the rpi-update/upgrade/reboot and so on and still problem persists !
My packages:

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$apt-show-versions  --allversions | grep chromi
[size=85]chromium-browser:armhf 51.0.2704.91-0ubuntu0. install ok installed
chromium-browser:armhf 51.0.2704.91-0ubuntu0. jessie archive.raspberrypi.org
chromium-browser:armhf/jessie 51.0.2704.91-0ubuntu0. uptodate
rpi-chromium-mods:armhf 20161027 install ok installed
rpi-chromium-mods:armhf 20161027 jessie archive.raspberrypi.org
rpi-chromium-mods:armhf/jessie 20161027 uptodate[/size]

Thanks in advance for any pointers !

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