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Sun May 22, 2016 12:22 am

I think I am nearing Pi Nirvana.

As we all know the default desktop, out of the box, that comes with Raspbian is as ugly as sin. Well, it's supposed to be "light weight" for a small, slow, machine. So we live with it.

Also the default web browser is almost useless. It crashes as soon as you look at it.

Today I was inspired by Kusti8 to install the Chromium browser. Wow, it works as expected. It does not crash every five minutes. It's great.

That led me to think, why not use the kde-plasma-desktop? The KDE that I know and love since 1998 or so. So then it was a quick (not so quick) "apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop"

Well. It works fine on a Pi 3.

There are some funky colours with the gradients on the KDM login page. You do have to find the KDE settings menu and turn off all the animations, fades, gradients and basically any graphical effects. (But I find that to be true on my 2GHz 64 bit PC as well)

Best of all I have "konsole". We are in business.

Don't try this at home kids. Unless you are feeling adventurous. It's not clear that everything in KDE on Pi land works well yet.

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