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Possible? : Dual Screen with touchscreen for input

Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:19 pm

I have no clue if the Pi can do this. Here is my overall idea:

Have a Pi connect to two monitors, one a standard monitor and one a touchscreen. On the touchscreen is an interactive program that allows you to select videos. Once selected the videos play on the standard monitor. After video ends, a default video loop plays until another video is selected.

Can the Pi:

1) Have two independent screens? USB connectivity would be ok if two true video ports cannot be obtained.
2) Can those screens show independent images (i.e. not mirror imaged)
3) Has anyone written a program for the Pi like what I described? (i.e. program on one screen, able to access video files saved on the Pi, and display those videos on command.
4) How easy would it be to via a network connection refresh the software and stock videos monthly?

I can do all of this with a standard PC computer now. Cost to do so is more than I want to incur. I can procure monitors and a Pi at far more affordable rates. Software on PC is easy to write, but have no clue if Pi can support similar software (my existing software highly depends on Windows and VNC media player. I don't think the Pi can run windows).

Is my idea wishful thinking, or can experts actually make something like that happen?

Last idea that pops to mind ... if dual screen a no, can two Pis talk to each other? One connected to touchscreen, and once button is pressed send a network signal to a different Pi to tell it what to do?

Thanks guys!

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Re: Possible? : Dual Screen with touchscreen for input

Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:41 pm

Have a look at the "official" RPi 7" touchscreen. I believe (though I haven't tried it) it can be used as a second screen since it runs on DSI instead of HDMI. Use Google to search on this forum, there are many posts about the screen.

There are several Pi presentation tools, PiPresents seems to be the one most recommended.

Networking and transferring new material can certainly be done, either by remote command line or by programming in Python or your favourite language.

If necessary, two Pis can easily be interconnected to split the two parts of the task. But see the first line above....

BTW, you are right, the Pi does not run Windows (except IoT). It can run several different systems, but stick to Rasbian, which is a version of Linux.
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Re: Possible? : Dual Screen with touchscreen for input

Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:50 pm

OP, did you ever find a way to do this?

I also set up a similar sounding AV system at events, where a laptop displays a looping animation with a a title on a projector / monitor, and when I get the cue, I fire up a video presentation to play on the screen. When it finishes, it goes back to the looping animation. I've been using a program called ScreenMonkey in Windows on a touch-screen laptop to do this- Screen monkey gives me a DJ-style console with big buttons I can pre-program for video clips, ppt files, logos and other media assets, and all I need to do is press the corresponding button for the event needed, and the monitor/project (which is attached as display 2 to my laptop) plays it.
The audience never sees the desktop UI or anything like that, which is how it should be. Only I see that on monitor 1.

Lately I've wanted to reconsider my setup and use a pi to do this. My laptop's HDMI plug actually started to get annoying (it needs an adapter for full sized hdmi, and the adapter has a tendency to get yanked out), and screen monkey is actually an older piece of software that requires somewhat outdated video for windows plugins that don't play nicely on Windows 10 (it was much easier to get this working on Windows 7), so getting a new computer to start over with this is actually going to be a headache. Also, believe it or not sometimes the laptop is simply too big if I'm running this from a stand with my projector and don't have a lot of room to set up. I actually have a 3.5" TFT display on my pi (an XPT-2046 based one that came with a case), and I thought it would be PERFECT if I could load up big finger friendly buttons on the tft which triggered videos to play out of the HDMI. Like a pocket-sized video DJ console, no laptop and outdated software required!

I actually logged on here to see if anyone had done anything like this before, which is how I found the thread. I can't believe we'd be the first to want to do something like this, it seems like a PERFECT use for a pi with a small touch display! I think it would simply be a matter of software since I've read that OMXplayer can output to the HDMI port even if the touch TFT is enabled as the monitor (which usually disables the desktop on the hdmi).

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Re: Possible? : Dual Screen with touchscreen for input

Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:22 pm

Three years is a lot of time so better not necro such old posts!

Here is a starting point for you: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=216399

And fhie is what it csn give you
You can use a 7in DSI + HDMI screen of your choice for this too.

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