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Re: Raw sensor access / CSI-2 receiver peripheral

Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:08 pm

I can't wait to get some C code running using the CSI-2 raspicamV2. For now my skills limit me to basic Python.
My Python3 code with CV2 frame capture on a USB camera and Numpy array manipulation running in Thonny IDE....
Track algo of Minimum sum:
2ms / 25 pixel wide area
9ms / 90 pixel wide area
12ms / 100 pixel wide area
15ms / 115 pixel wide area
20ms / 140 pixel wide area

Placing text on the frame = 2 to 3 ms
Read 25 bytes on Pi serial input @ 100kbaud = 3ms
Parse SBUS protocol into useful values = <1ms
Send out 25 bytes = 3ms
cv2.imshow (show the image on the screen) = <5ms
I sent you email of my algo and code since it's a bit large for the forum.

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Re: Raw sensor access / CSI-2 receiver peripheral

Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:38 pm

Found this tweet from @MachinePix:
Removing unripe tomatoes with an optical sorter.
https://twitter.com/MachinePix/status/9 ... 5057209344

Not sure what optical sensors are used, nor have any information on the framerate in case it is a/are camera(s).
This is just small clip from slow motion part of the tweet's video, raspiraw should be able to provide support for the same functionality:


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