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Re: Automated android photos to s3 photo gallery

Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:15 am

I've been quite averse to just keep my computer running 24/7 because of how much kilowatt hours that can consume. Since a R-Pi has little power requirements, I'm willing to run that all the time and therefore do more interesting things than the standard file hosting and bittorrent.

I take a lot of photos with my cellphone though I rarely upload them to the internet, which is sad because I have a lot of funny stuff to share.

Today to solve that problem I wrote a simple yet powerful shellscript that will download photos from my Android phone using rsync, construct a webpage using Galleria (http://galleria.aino.se/) to create a javascript gallery, then upload it to a S3 bucket using s3sync which can be used as a static webpage. If I set it up as a daily cronjob, I don't ever have to worry about uploading and publishing my photos again, not to mention the fact that S3 doesn't require you to give up ownership of your files like Facebook/Google/Yahoo/et al yet also provides high-availability and redundancy.

When the Raspberry Pi comes out I'll be sure to test/document/publish this for others to enjoy. There's a little more work to do to generate the index page that links to all of the image galleries that are generated, and also the process to make it work is somewhat long-winded.

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Re: Automated android photos to s3 photo gallery

Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:40 pm

Sounds good ! Especially the "keeping our data with us" part :-p

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