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Rpi 3 LCD questions

Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:41 pm

Hi all,

Hopefully I'm in the correct section.
I'm looking for a LCD screen for my Rpi 3. I'm looking for a 3.5 (or around) inch screen with a low resolution (320 x 240 or 480 x 230) as I want to build a portable RetroPie system.
It's difficult to find a screen because all screens I can find are listed for Rpi 2 B or B+
I tried a cheap KeDei ,3.5 inch 480 x 320 screen and I only got it to work with the KeDei distro offered on their website but the quality is bad, it's really slow so not suited for fast moving graphics.

Is there any screen that works with a Rpi3? I don't need a touchscreen. Or it the Rpi 3 still too young?

Would love to see an official LCD screen in smaller sizes which can be connected to the display connection of the Rpi 3.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction since I searched a lot already. Thanks!

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