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how can I make the Geany settings window smaller?

Sat May 21, 2016 2:43 pm

how can I make the Geany compile/build settings window smaller or scroll down?
No scroll bar at the side! :evil:
having a 800x480 resolution I cant access the OK btn down right under and so cant save changed settings! :evil:
#define S sqrt(t+2*i*i)<2
#define F(a,b) for(a=0;a<b;++a)
float x,y,r,i,s,j,t,n;int main(){F(y,64){F(x,99){r=i=t=0;s=x/33-2;j=y/32-1;F(n,50&S){t=r*r-i*i;i=2*r*i+j;r=t+s;}if(S){PointOut(x,y);}}}for(;;);}

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