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Lost usb wireless

Sat Jan 16, 2016 2:49 am

As you can see from my post numbers I'm new to this Pi stuff having left Linux (red hat) many years ago having been seduced to the darkside with M$. With that product I would have solved my problem immediately. :D I plugged in a wireless usb to my R Pi last night to access the web and while doing stuff I inadvertently clicked on the wireless icon and closed it and now can't find it so that I can set it up to my network and now don't know where to look for it :oops: any help would be appreciated. Its a big learning curve but loving the Pi

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Re: Lost usb wireless

Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:42 am

Have you tried a reboot?

If you delete everything in ~/.config the desktop icons and stuff will be recreated when you restart the GUI.

BTW, it's not "M$", just because they've successfully sold lots of copies of the VHS of operating systems doesn't make Microsoft evil, Facebook are the current holders of the "Evil Empire" baton.
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