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Good current book B+ & Pi 2 B _ Camera ops

Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:48 pm

Looking for a good current book that includes the capabilities of the newer boards w/o mentioning the older A or B stuff that may have been less capable. (I get confused easily besides already wearing bi-focals!) Desiring how 2 learn use of my camera modules (Std & NoIR) mainly, not yet interested in assembly language programming UNLESS it is necessary for use in taking pictures.
Have a Pi B+, considering getting another to run a 2nd camera module (NoIR) if I can find, or make a half-way decent enclosure for 7" touch screen(s) that is water-proof :roll: (not expecting water-tight). May also get a Pi2 B later IF I can figure this stuff out!

Bruce Smith (discussion of Raspian vs RISC OSs), plus Matt R. & Shawn W. have books that appear useful to me, also looked @ Simon Monk's recently.
Trying to take advantage of a deal on ... nce&page=2
Am thinking *Herb Norbom (Python 3.2.3) discusses REMOTE operation of the Pi & camera, while I think I would like 2 be carrying the Pi, display, battery pack power & camera around w/ me. [*Or is he still the best source to learn camera module use?*]

Appreciate any good advice here or as PM on the best specific book for Pi & camera use; for someone that knows how to build Desktops, Install multi-booting M$ & GNU/Linux OS(s) {recently learned use of VM player}, however I am not currently involved in assembling bleeding-edge systems anymore/wasting time or $$$.
Exploring use of Raspberry Pi with a GNU/Linux GUI and also as a camera

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