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Pi based network analyser

Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:22 pm

Has anyone done this?

I am looking to use a raspberry pi as a very basic network analyser similar to the functions of a fluke. Before you all start beating on about specialised hardware in a fluke I am looking at the basics. I have a network certifier. that tests the cables and the parameters of the cables. I am looking for something that I can plug into a network point and give me an ip address and a subnet mask and gate way also let me ping servers / other network devices. It would be nice to do the same with wireless and give me a wireless survey.

the plan was to install it all in a small pelicase and install a small touchscreen and keyboard with a hi capacity li-on battery. this will save me lugging my laptop around.

I am not a programmer I am a hardware guy. If there are any off the shelf app that will do this then that would be great.

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