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Software suggestion for music

Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:28 am

I'm after a music player solution for one of my Pi's and would welcome any tips...

Ideally it would be able to...

Connect to my wifi (I have an Edimax USB wifi dongle on the Pi)
Auto stream a spotify playlist on loop from startup
Run shairplay server and play anything streamed (pause and resume spotify as required)

any pointers?


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Re: Software suggestion for music

Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:05 pm

Quite a few things to consider based on my own experience of using Pis to pipe music around my home.

(a) the output from the audio jack is not high enough quality, the HDMI output (through a splitter) is much better but there is some noise in quieter passages. This resulted in my solution being rather complicated - the Pi outputs at full volume (to improve the S/N ratio) and close to the amplifier there is a digital potentiometer that controls the final output volume. The digital potentiometer is controlled by GPIO.

(b) I did not fancy having the amplifier on all the time (the Pi does need to be on all the time for my control system - see below), so the power to the amplifier is controlled through a relay (itself controlled through GPIO). Your solution may not need this step.

(c) you will need some way to control the Pi (at least volume controls and switch on/off) and this could be by GPIO. My solution was somewhat different in that the Pi serves a web-page with audio controls on it (CD/radio channel selection, volume and power on/off) and this is because because the output is in the ceiling of the room and I wanted to be able to control the Pi from any browser-enabled device.

(d) I'm afraid I have not tried to hook Spotify in as an audio stream - if this is a stream much like the public internet radio stations (ie Spotify have not put any controls on how the stream can be accessed) then there should not be any problems (my setup (when radio is selected) acts much as an internet radio, using mplayer to open and play the stream)

(e) again, I can not help you much with Shairplay, my setup selects playlists from a central server (non-Pi!) that has ripped copies of most of my CD collection

The solution I eventually came to was pretty complex in the end (I even had to modify mplayer so that it would not try to adjust the volume between tracks on a playlist) but your's looks to be far simpler. Bear in mind the above and let us know how you get on.


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Re: Software suggestion for music

Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:18 am

I'm using http://www.squeezeplug.eu/ to stream my spotify playlists through the pi, as well as my music collection on a NAS.
I use iOS and android apps that connect to Logitech Media Server to control playback and browse the library.
You can configure the 3rd party spotify plugin from LMS to login to your account.
Don't know about shairplay, but I do recall seeing it as an option in squeezeplug.

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Re: Software suggestion for music

Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:29 am


You might want to take a look at http://www.woutervanwijk.nl/pimusicbox/ which is based on the mopidy music server (http://www.mopidy.com/). I don't use the pimusicbox image myself but mopidy is a great piece of software. Hope this is helpful.

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