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Kodi - no main screen anymore and desktop locked

Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:59 pm

Hi , I reported this problem on Kodi forums and they said I should come here. I run Kodi as a service so it always starts on boot

Now if I start the service it doesn't display the main kodi screen and locks the desktop out. This happens running from a terminal using systemctl or on boot with service enabled . This is the service description I use

User = pi
Group = pi
Type = simple
ExecStart = /usr/bin/kodi-standalone
Restart = always
RestartSec = 15
WantedBy =

I have also tried replacing kodi-standalone with kodi --fs fails in the same way .

I then got a clean Microsd , installed a new copy of the latest full release , did the apt-get update and upgrade so all up to date. Then just installed Kodi , created the service and it failed immediately.

When Kodi starts on the system I here the start tone , but no screen.

TV is the display on HDMI-0 (plugged into HDMI-1 just in case it moved to that monitor - no there either)

If I disable the service Kodi runs fine from Terminal just using the normal kodi command .

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