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Power supply for various Pis

Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:25 am

Just to quickly share something - I started being fed up of hunting for yet another charger (and a free power socket on my desk) when I connect another Raspberry Pi on my desk and recently got Anker's power supply for my Pi4 kubernetes cluster ( and that gave me idea to go with something similar for my desk.

Since I'm occasionally using my MBP along side to RPi for day to day work Anker's 60W wasn't quite up to what I was after and in the meantime I stumbled at MINIX's 100W charger ( with two USBC and two USBA ports - perfect for my Pi4 'desktop computer' (actually Desktop Computer - no quotations as I am using it effectively as a Linux KDE desktop!), MBP with HDMI adapter and two more ports for other Pis I occasionally have on my desk (today it is time for Pi2 which is test env for my main Home Automation Pi2), but including various PiZeros and Pi3s (and hopefully very soon Pi4s, too) for little robotics projects (PiWars for sure)...

What I really wanted to share was that, unlike original Apple's power supply, Pi4 is perfectly happy with it - no mods on it needed.

I know that 100W is slightly overkill for Raspberry Pis only, but last night I put it to a test: I accidentally over-discharged my MBP to 3% and connected it along with Desktop Pi4 (with SSD) and for a good measure put ~30% discharged mobile (3+ years old micro USB one) and it just pumped it all with no sweat! It become warm but not hit as some other chargers I (mis)used in the past in similar configuration...

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