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How to get Internet Archive Game Launcher working on Raspbian?

Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:43 pm

Hi All,

I'm having some trouble getting an Internet Archive Game Launcher installation working on my Raspbian Kodi installation.

If anyone has managed that I'd love to know how you went about it.

IAGL itself installs and runs all fine and well, but the main problem I'm having is getting an emulator working for it:

  • For its internal Kodi RetroPlayer option the problem is that the Raspbian Kodi package does not include any emulators. When I use apt-get to install the few libretro emulators available from the Raspbian repository, IAGL still reports that no compatible emulator was found, even when launching games compatible with those emulators.
  • When I install RetroArch with apt-get, it runs the CPU at 100% and is basically unusable
  • When I install RetroArch from the Gamestarter addon, it fails to run correctly when launched for setting up. The screen goes blank and nothing else happens. When I exit back to Kodi and then to the console the error messages indicate that RetroArch is using wrong path references.
Many thanks,
RPi 3B with Raspbian Stretch 2017-09-07 (updated) and Kodi 18.2

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