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Pi 3B did not boot after update - /boot full with 64m

Sun Jan 26, 2020 8:02 am


in case anybody else runs into this problem:

yesterday my pi 3B would not boot after rpi-eeprom rpi-eeprom-images update.

I plugged the SSD into my pi4, saw nothing in the logs, finally noticed that the /boot partition was full. The SSD was a clone from an old image from 2016, so /boot was only 64m.

With gparted and this tutorial: ... partitions
I resized the partitions, /boot to 256m, copied the files from onto /boot
and the system came up again. Nftables did not work until I did rpi-update.

Now everything works again

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Re: Pi 3B did not boot after update - /boot full with 64m

Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:39 am

The /boot partition was resized to 256MB with the introduction of Buster (&RPi4B).

You'll only get the problem if you run the unsupported migration from Stretch to Buster.

sudo apt install --reinstall raspberrypi-kernel raspberrypi-bootloader
to rebuild /boot and the matching /lib/modules is better than running rpi-update (which gets the latest experimental kernel and bootcode).
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