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rpi3 B rev:1.2. I change ic LAN9514 - Pin 50 is with difference measurement

Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:11 pm

Hi, ... p?t=241842

PIN 50 is measuring 0.000v in defective rpi 3 and measuring 1.272v in 2 other rpi 3 that are working ok (usb and ethernet ports)

My question is: According to the pdf below: 1. EXRES (pin 50) on the LAN9514 QFN should connect to digital ground through a 12.4K resistor with a tolerance of 1.0%. This pin is used to set-up critical bias currents for the
embedded 10/100 Ethernet Physical device. ... cklist.pdf

Where is the 12.4K resistor with a tolerance of 1.0% in the board?

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