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Raspbian Buster install differences

Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:42 am

Are there any significant differences (specially in performance) between the two microSD setups of:

1. a Raspbian Buster Full Desktop natively installed on a RPi4B
2. a Raspbian Buster Full Desktop natively installed on a RPi3B/RPi3B+, then transferred to run on a RPi4B

why did I ask this (silly) question?

I noticed that on the boot up on a natively installed buster on the RPi4B, the boot up text is more and there seems a bunch of tables (or some sort of matrices, scroll speed to fast to discern the contents)
and LibreOffice did not work (even after installation and re-installation)....
VLC crashed so hard I had to thrash it....
I can only use Ethernet... as WiFi not available....
also the usual text after every shutdown is not shown (just blank/black screen)

now am using a RPi3B+ installed buster on this RPi4B-4G, and the "matrices" are not showing on boot
LibreOffice works... VLC also runs fine.
WiFi works fine
and the usual text during shutdown now shown
though there is this kernel panic after the showdown sequence, something like this

Code: Select all

target Shutdown
target Final Step
target Power-Off
reboot: Power down
Kernel Panic - not syncing Attempted to kill init! (exitcode 0x00000000)
CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: systemd-shutdown  Tainted: G  WC 4.19.75-v71+ #1270
Hardware: BCM2835

System specs:
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 4GB
16GB A1 Toshiba M203 MicroSD (same microSD used for both setups)
X400 v3.0 DAC-Amp HAT
12v 3.0A PSU supplying power to the DAC-Amp (which in turn supplies 5.1v 3.0A to RPi4 via GPIO headers)
HDMI monitor
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse via KVM switch

on both setups, "Balena Etcher" method was used
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Re: Raspbian Buster install differences

Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:27 pm


If you download Buster 2019-09-26 it works on EVERY RPi. The differentiation between hardware models is done in bootcode, firmware & kernel.
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