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Use RPi 3 internal bluetooth simultaneous with BT dongle.

Sun Oct 06, 2019 1:54 am

Does anyone have a recipe to setup a RPi 3 to use internal bluetooth simultaneously with a USB bluetooth dongle.

I am trying to build a long range bluetooth radio bridge. I have a class 1 USB bluetooth dongle with an external antenna that will get a couple of hundred metres to the remote device which also has class 1 BT TX/RX.

I want to build a gadget that:

> Using RPi built in bluetooth, connect to a local device close by
> Using the long range USB bluetooth stick, connect using different bluetooth channel to the remote device.
> Write an app that reads local => write to USB and reads USB => write to local. (pass through bridge)

I have succeeded in getting RPi built in bluetooth to connect using serial port service to the local device. I have some sample code in C++ that is reading the bytes from the built in RPi bluetooth.

I am struggling to get USB bluetooth adapter configured and setup as serial port or other data stream that I can read in my program.

If anyone has can share insight on how to configure USB bluetooth dongle to work simultaneously with built in bluetooth this would be helpful.


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Re: Use RPi 3 internal bluetooth simultaneous with BT dongle.

Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:00 pm

A USB Bluetooth dongle will typically be named 'hci0' and the internal adapter named 'hci1'. Use the names to create separate virtual serial devices. E.g:

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sudo rfcomm watch 0

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sudo rfcomm connect 1 <bdaddr>
I think. Never tried it.

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