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Using Raspberry Pi for Lobby Presentation

Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:46 pm


I wanted to know if this project is feasible with a Raspberry Pi 4. Please inform me of any roadblocks that may occur or if I need other materials.

We are a building company and we want to show our jobs on a TV display in our lobby. My boss plans to have 2 75" TVs side by side for this presentation. With them being side by side, my thought is to display two different presentations on the TVs. One display could be a picture of Job A, and the other display could be an alternate picture of Job A.

My thought was, we could purchase a Raspberry Pi 4, place it behind the TVs on the wall, hook up an hdmi to both as well as an ethernet cable and power. Using PiSignage and Raspberry Pi 4, could I make a custom slideshow of pictures to display on each TV, timed on a 10 second timer to flip at the same time, and include job names and locations overtop of the pictures?

I also want to know, if we purchase PiSignage, would I be able to utilize it on my personal work computer in my office to change the displays from there? Or would I have to work off of the displays in the lobby?

Any and all help is appreciated here. This could be the difference between us purchasing a laptop to use for these displays and making this a much higher cost project.


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Re: Using Raspberry Pi for Lobby Presentation

Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:51 pm

Perfectly feasible. For PiSignage information you'll need to talk to the suppliers of that.

But this is something that is done by a lot of people, you could try PiPresents, and there are other free packages.
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Re: Using Raspberry Pi for Lobby Presentation

Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:57 am

Hello Tyler

piSignage supports uploading videos, images, html pages, web repositories, links and pdf documents from your browser (, making playlists out of them, scheduling and deploying playlists to Pi players.

But please note the following points

- Currently Pi 4 support is under development and we plan to release the image sometime next week. Before that you can purchase other Pis and achieve this functionality
- Regarding dual screen support functionality, it is not yet planned and for your planning purpose think that piSignage supports only one port as of now


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