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Raspberry Pi For 24X7X365 use

Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:12 pm


We are completely new to the development of Raspberry Pi. We are planning a project where a Raspberry Pi board will be situated in the forest to get certain information using sensors. Few questions were in our mind are -

1. Can Raspberry Pi be used in such a remote location with a power supply of 24X7?
2. Is there any additional issue you have faced like heating problems etc once the project is live?

Please share your thoughts. It will be much helpful for us.


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Re: Raspberry Pi For 24X7X365 use

Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:23 pm

Can an RPi be used 24x7x365 - YES

Anything I should consider?
* Power budget
** Know what your power consumption is across a 24 hour period, scale your battery capacity accordingly
** Don't forget batteries will age so scale accordingly (i.e. they drop storage capacity as they get older - for LiPol expect to drop about 0.125% per cycle)
** compensate for temperature - battery capacity changes with storage
** Turn on devices only when they are needed

* environment
** keep your Pi within it's operating temperature window. You may want to add a heat sink to keep cool, and a heater if it is going to be in very cold conditions (again budget for the power)
** Don't forget solar gain! try and keep in the shade :-)

* Ingress
** sealed boxes are best! water, dust and slugs, spiders etc will get in otherwise.... and you don't want a real bug from shorting something out and causing a failure

* Most software sucks
** test and retest your software stack - this is the thing most likely to fail over time, memory leaks, buffer overruns etc are common causes - so to is failing to handle errors (what happens when your SD card runs out of space due to all that data you have collected etc)

* Defensive programming
** check for all errors
** monitor / watchdog processes
** Ensure recovery from unexpected reboots / hard shutdown
** flush files regularly
** make regular internal backups of data and offload often
** Power cycle external hardware periodically (especially anything with firmware you don't have control over)

* Remote access
** How are you going to get data back /. monitor the system
** is it going to be 'On-Line' if so consider your attack surface
*** close down and firewall out everything you don't need
*** how are you going to provide security updates to multiple devices in the field to stop them being p0wned?
** What happens when your device is unavailable? Mobile / Radio networks are unreliable - expect and handle failures!


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