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Raspberry 3B+ WIFI connection problems

Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:08 am


I am stuck. I normally use Raspi 3B but this time I thought it was time to jump to the new 3B+ model. The problem I am facing is that the WIFI can only connect to "new" WIFI hubs and not older ones. The 3B model can happily connect to any hub but the new 3B+ totally refuses to connect to SSID if the AP is a older style hub.

Have anyone seen this before? I have a feeling it is a ipv6 problem but I don't really know what end to start investigating this.

How do I see this problem? I use the user interface and click on the WIFI symbol, select the SSID from the list, enter the password and click OK. The WIFI symbol stays not connected and no error codes are reported as I can find.

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