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Microphone, Cloud, Plug and play.

Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:16 am

Hey. I am new here but desperate as i have around 2 days to do all of this.

what i need is a raspberry pi with a mic which can upload recordings to a cloud. It also needs to be able to set up without keyboard and screen. so, Plug into wall > Connect to WiFi > Record > Upload.

Sorry for my bad English and with "What i need" i understand can be taken a bit. meh another guy that NEEDS something. But i truly do and i don't know exactly where to go first. I've googled multiple solutions but i don't know where to go, which one to choose. I would really appreciate all help.

And if reasons for the project is requested i have no problem trying to explain my situation. Just wanted to avoid it in OP to make it compact.

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