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How to make 6LoWPAN communication between LoRa (sx1278) modules.

Wed May 22, 2019 1:22 pm

I would like to do 6LoWPAN communication using 2 raspberry pies and 2 Dragino LoRa / GPS Shield (sx1278).
Currently I have been using the device driver for sx1278 to recognize the module (in fact, I'm not sure if the module was recognized)
And I have registered the lowpan0 interface in each Raspberry pie using each wpan-tools.
Finally, I use the radvd program in RaspberryPy, which acts as a gateway, to assign addresses to RaspberryPy, which acts as an end-device.
However, I noticed that the ipv6 address was not assigned to the raspberry pie, which acts as an end-device.
I want to know if this is the right procedure for 6LoWPAN communication.
I appreciate your reply.

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