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Raspberry Pi 4 Feature Request

Wed May 15, 2019 2:34 pm

Just because I'm working on things related to this (game development), and I really love all things Raspberry Pi, I decided to throw together a quick forum post about a couple things I'd love to see in the Raspberry Pi 4. This is not really a pi in the sky wish list (see what I did there?), but rather a simple high-level request that I merely ask the Raspberry Pi Foundation to consider. To the best of my knowledge there are no real specs anywhere for the Pi 4 yet (at least publicly), so it seemed like now would be a good time to mention things prior to hardware being selected and set in stone.

My requests are simple:
- Please consider a GPU that can support at least a comfortable baseline of Vulkan without a ton of software emulation.
- Related to this is the obligatory request for a little more RAM to share with the GPU.
- No GPU brand requests, just whatever you select, for whatever reason you select it.

That Other than that, I'm so happy with the Pi 3B+ that I have almost nothing else to even beg for. The CPU is pretty speedy, so a bump there doesn't make the top of my list. I find I don't care about USB or Network speed (they both seem pretty much fine to me). Don't even need a USB-C option, unless you decide to go that route to allow higher power input to the board and swap the micro-b plug. The GPIO situation is fantastic, so as long as the pinout stays the same, that works. MicroSD card for main storage drive is great (please don't ever go with built in storage, I hate those). Raspbian is literally the best flavor of Linux I've ever run on an SBC, so just keep being awesome on that front. And where you put all your ports has become so universal that a genuine ecosystem of 3rd party cases and parts has formed around you, so that works for me too.

Thanks for listening.

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Re: Raspberry Pi 4 Feature Request

Wed May 15, 2019 2:39 pm

Pi4 spec already set in stone.

And we don't let this type of thread last very long, just turns in to My Idea Is Better Than Yours tit for tat. Sorry.
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