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Rainbow boot fail on Pi1 model B

Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:35 pm

Last night I flashed the November 2018 Raspbian Stretch Lite onto an 8GB SD card using Etcher. I added a

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file and a

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file to the /boot directory with my wifi settings. I then inserted it into a Pi 1 model B. Booted the Pi headless, ssh’ed in ran a

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sudo apt-get update

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sudo apt-get upgrade
. I then installed some software such as git, python3-venv. I cloned a bitbucket repository, created a venv and installed RPi.gpio and gpiozero into it. All was working fine. I shut down the Pi at the end of the day.

The following evening i tried to carry on with where I left off, but could not get the Pi to boot. I was getting two quick flashes on the green LED. I plugged the Pi into a monitor and found it was not getting past the rainbow boot screen. I tried the SD card in a Pi Zero v1.3 and got the same issue. I then tried the SD card in. Pi 2 model B v1.1 and it booted fine.

Why does my SD card not work in the older Pi. Does the apt-get upgrade prevent the SD card working in older Pi’s?


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