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Trying to generate an Stage2 image, but no luck

Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:33 pm

So, I have looked at all the instructions on how to generate Raspbian Lite, but no luck. As a matter of fact, I was trying to generate an Hassbian image, which is Raspbian Lite + Home Assistant, but it stops in Stage 3 because my Debian Stretch O/S running in VMWare doesn't find three of hte packages (bluez-hcidump, bc and figlet) and even after installing them, it still is trying to find them.

I then find out from the Hassbian team that the intent is to just install Hassbian on a Pi device and customize, but not generate a new image, which is odd because with PiGen, I should be able to generate an image I can copy over to a SD card.

Am I correct in my assumption that I can run the script on a Debian O/S (now Stretch), and provide an image? Yes or no?

Am I only able to make image copies after customizing a Raspberry Pi device? That is rather counter-productive?

I then proceeded to only build up to Stage2, but it builds, but doesn't generate the actual image that should be in the deploy/ folder?

If you need more info, I will be more than happy to provide, but I am missing some critical element preventing me from producing my image.

After I can create the image, I want to be able to launch some tasks that will install some software on launch? Would this be a stage 3 setup? I don't need anything from Raspbian from stage 3 through 5.

Please let me know.

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