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I need help building a Raspbmc for Honda Odyssey 2018 (It has HDMI!)

Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:07 pm

Hello all,

I'd like to design and a Raspbmc for my 2018 Honda Odyssey so the kids can sit in the back and play what they want. I also want to do it because it's cool.

I wanted your input for the best means of doing this. The best example I've found is from a guy named Conrad Casetelo who hooked up a Raspbmc and used Constellation via an old iPad to run it. It's a sweet rig, but I have no idea how he went about implementing it, and he doesn't say.

I assume I'd load a raspberri pi with Kodi and would plug it into one of the many outlest the Odyssey provides for power. What would I do for storage? External hard drive(s)? Which one would work best? What case would be best? Would there be a power drain on the car battery when the car is shut down but the raspberri pi is still running? Alternatively, if shutting the car down does, indeed, shut the raspeberri pi down as well, could I incorporate a small battery backup to keep Kodi on while the kids run into the gas station for a bathroom break without having to come back and restart the whole system again?

In the end, I want to make the perfect box for any car that has a tv in the back and an HDMI input to use. Plug the raspbmc into the HDMI and power outlet, hide it out of site, and run it with Constellation (or another useful program). I simply don't know what this looks like.

Please give me some ideas! I'll blog the creation and make a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to follow in my path.


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Re: I need help building a Raspbmc for Honda Odyssey 2018 (It has HDMI!)

Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:07 pm

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the AC power outlets. As far as storage, you could always use an external HD powered by USB, but I would make sure the pi’s power supply is adequate (2.5-3A). Also, mount it some place it's not going to get kicked around. There is a wide assortment of cases available, I would probably buy one with an external fan as the inside of a vehicle can get quite warm during the summer. To stream, I've had good luck with Plex. It seems to run relatively well on the pi3 streaming to devices as long as it doesn't have to transcode. If your kids have ipads, phones, etc, they can login to the pi server and choose a video to play from the library.

Finally, as far as it shutting down with the car, I would worry about the SD card corrupting with abrupt shutdowns. There is a guide somewhere out there about using a shutdown button which properly shuts everything down without having to worry about corrupting it. I did this with a headless Christmas light show project and it’s pretty easy…2 pins and a few lines of code. You may also be able to create a cron job which automatically shuts it down every 2-3 hours. Again, you do NOT want the pi to just shutdown with the car, it will eventually destroy the file system on the sd card.

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