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IchigoJam BASIC RPi

Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:09 am

I have translated the IchigoJam BASIC command reference created by Balloon aka Fu-sen:

from Japanese to English:

I have created some tools to manipulate the save files: ...

IchigoJam BASIC for RPi:

IchigoJam Basic Programs:プログラム/

IchigoJam is an LPC1114FN28 armv6 chip. You can connect IchigoJam and daughter boards to any RPi, including MixJuice WiFi module, PanCake graphics & sound module. It is very simple to connect and control robot with BASIC heavily influenced by MSX.

All are accessible and programmable from IchigoJam BASIC for RPi. EEPROM file saves are available from save number 100~227 Save number 0~99 are available in /files/*.bin. You also have access to SPI and PWM ,and a piezoelectric sounder to physical PIN 29 and GND. You can write machine code and call it with USR(), Thumb on armv6 and Thumb 2 on armv7.

The standard firmware of IchigoJam is compatible with IchigoJam BASIC for RPi, and uses the SHIFT-JIS character code character set. A BETA firmware is also available in Phonetic Chinese, Mongolian and French.

Expect IchigoLatte JavaScript for RPi at some point in the future.

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Re: IchigoJam BASIC RPi

Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:20 am

Thanks! IchigoJam BASIC looks like fun
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