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Raspberry Pi course with mapped competencies

Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:21 am

I have developed a three part Raspberry Pi course mapped against Australian training package competencies. The course has both student and assessor materials and is intended to be be delivered in an flexible style. It is is targeted at the Cert III level qualifications and can be used as a skill set of a full ICT qualification.

The competencies used are the following:

1. Raspberry Pi Fundamentals (ICTICT301 Create User Documentation)
2. Raspberry Pi Installation and Configuration (ICTICT302 Install and optimise operating system software
ICTNWK305 Install and manage network protocols)

3. Raspberry Pi Programming (ICAPRG414A Apply introductory programming skills in another language)

It has been created under the Creative Commons license and can be freely downloaded at It is in the Courseware section.

Hope you enjoy
Tony Duffy

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