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Anyone using motionEye?, best setting for stills

Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:18 pm

Got two Pi3 running motioneye software and they work great, trying to setup the motion activation and having tough time getting setting right.

I dont want it storing movie files so have turned off the movies section.

I'm wanting more stills saved. But if possible 3-5 per second when it detects motion.

The issues I'm having is this, have one camera pointed at the front door outside. Lets say the postman comes what I end up getting is about 1-3 stills, one on the step. maybe a still of them holding a letter, then if I'm lucky them leaving the door.

What it is I'm trying to do is show more frames during say the postman at my door.

Setting I'm at now are:

Frame Change Threshold : 2%
Auto Noise Detection : ON
Light Switch Detection : 0%
Despeckle : OFF
Motion Gap : 30
Captured Before : 3
Captured After : 3
Minimum Motion Frames : 5

not sure where I'm going wrong?
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Re: Anyone using motionEye?, best setting for stills

Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:06 pm

The software only stores a stills picture once a second by default. The FAQ has the answer on how to modify this. Here's a copy of the information. I suggest you read the manual and setup information and then alter at your own risk.

"The default file name pattern used when creating pictures is %Y-%m-%d/%H-%M-%S. This pattern generates the same file name for all pictures created within a second. If you want all the pictures that are generated within a second, just modify the pattern so that it contains %q, which is the frame number inside each second (e.g. %Y-%m-%d/%H-%M-%S-%q)."

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