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Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner with raspberry pi and also to Python language. I'm trying to use the raspberry pi 3 for industrial application and for that I've connected quite a few sensors (temperature, humidity, co2 etc.) I'm successfully able to get reading from the individual sensors and wrote a structured program with few functions related to each sensors to get reading from all the sensors in 2 sec interval and display the reading in GUI. But as I'm increasing the number of sensors/functions the GUI is gradually becoming a little slower. Now, I want to make the GUI like a HMI and hence added few pop-up pages with options to set some Alarms, Hysteresis limits/outputs etc. The pop-up pages are working but the GUI has become very very slow (maybe because of bad/novice programming). I'm finding it very difficult to make GUI with Tkinter programming and make several pop-ups for my purpose. Is there any options to install any SCADA/HMI software on raspberry pi itself and display the values from the sensors and also using it to set some output from the operator input? I tried to install Advanced HMI (I read from Advanced HMI website that it supports on raspberry pi) but I couldn't find the proper installation file and I'm still in big trouble. I really don't know how to create an efficient HMI on raspberry pi. Any suggestion regarding this will be most helpful!

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