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Pi3 Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence

Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:29 pm

I am running into problems with my Pi 3 which seem to be an issue of Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence. Whenever I have both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, I have problems with my Bluetooth keyboard - either keypresses are missed, or they continuously repeat. As soon as I turn off WiFi, the problem goes away. The keyboard in question is an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

In the process of trying to work out what is going on, I have checked and tried the following:
  • Power supply - official Raspberry Pi power supply, capable of 2.5A
  • Tried a different keyboard (another Apple keyboard)
  • Tried moving to different WiFi channels (I am using 1 and 6 in the 2.4GHz band)
  • Reinstall Raspbian
  • Tried Pi Zero W - same results
My Apple Magic Mouse still seems to work fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions (apart from turning WiFi off)?


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Re: Pi3 Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence

Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:05 pm

The best solution at this time is to use either a WiFi or Bluetooth USB dongle.

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