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Touchscreen MP3 Player

Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:51 am

As a music lover and an avid tech geek, I recognise the pi's abilities as a media center/player. But to my disappointment all of the tutorials that I find for how to use the pi as a portable mp3 player use wifi or some other streaming. Why do things need to be so complicated? I realize that we have things like phones and actual mp3 players, but my phone is starting to run out of storage space, and usb drives are cheap. My goal is to have a pi that has a usb drive full of mp3s that I can take with me anywhere I want, and with a USB DAC, I can get even better sound quality than a phone is capable of(and I won't drain my battery in the process). But after that explanation, here's all that I'm really looking for:

- Some software that easily lets me search through different mp3 songs off a usb drive(I really like RuneAudio and how they have things set up, but you need an internet connection to use it sadly. Everything else about it is amazing).
- I use a raspberry pi 3 and am thinking of buying this case + TS for its price and portability. ... %22+screen

There's plenty of tutorials for portable batteries and using a TS with a pi, but I can't find anything for just being a straight MP3 player with no streaming, so I can use it anywhere. Sorry for this post being so long, any help is appreciated :)

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Re: Touchscreen MP3 Player

Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:27 pm

I run LibreElec/KODI on my Pi 3B. My music etc is on a 64 gig USB thumb drive. Once you tell it where it is it will add it to its library. The library lets you sort it by Artist, Album, etc. You can make up play lists etc too. That Pi is connected to my TV and that's what I play it back through. Click the Downloads at the top of the page and you'll see links for LibreElec and OSMC. Either one should do the job. I personally prefer LibreElec over OSMC.

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