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Displaylink Video Device on rPi?

Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:42 pm

Ok, so I will be getting my Pi in tomorrow hopefully (^_^), but I'm very new to linux. I know a few things with the console, and that's about it really. (thinks like getting into root/su, listing files, etc, nothing big at all)

Obviously, in Windows, you simply install drivers for things, but if I recall correct, it's not quite that simple in linux. I did a little research and found that newer versions of the kernel have the Display Link drivers built in, but with the ARM and possibly stripped down slightly versions of Linux for the rPi, I'm just wondering if it's still built into the kernel to be usable, and if not, how would I go about getting it installed for it? If it is even possible.

The idea is to use a Display link monitor with a touchscreen as the primary screen for the rPi. Since it runs off of USB power (I know I'd need a fair amount of amperage. My HP Touchpad power supply is 5v 2a, so that shouldn't be an issue) it'd be kind of self contained.

Thanks for any help!

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