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Bringing in other subjects

Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:58 am

I work in a very small school, so we do a lot of cross-curricular projects. I want to start off using the raspberry pi with technology and other subjects on joint projects, but ideally want other teachers to start incorporating them into their classes when they get a bit more confident.

I thought this could be a thread where we can post ideas for involving other teachers/subjects. They don't need to be in depth - just little ideas.

Here are some of mine:

Use Python to write a code (similar to Fortune Teller) where it gives you execercises to do (50 star jumps, 10 push ups, etc)
Use the stop motion feature to record sports games/races

Create a soundtrack with Sonic Pi
Have a class band with Sonic Pi (one group working on drums, another on guitar etc)
Get students to turn music they are familiar with, or have notation for, into a Sonic Pi piece

-Use Python's random code to create poetry!
-Creative writing piece about the power of Pi / Their dream Pi Project

-Pre-program the pi, so that it tweets every X minutes - about a historical event. There are twitters which tweet historical events, as if they are live-you could do something similar to this. You could also get it to tweet as a famous person
-When studying civilisations you could use pi/Python/Minecraft to build towns - for example you could use the code that Craig taught us to easily build a house with one click-so why not build streets and streets of houses

-Get the pi to monitor weather/climate
-Use the pi to take an ariel photograph of the school/local area - use this for a map project

-Use the time lapse to get photos of night wildlife near school
-Record hatching eggs - put this on Twitter/YouTube etc

-Photography project - start with getting the pi to take photos, then make it change/manipulate the images
-Field Recordings using the pi- automatic ones
-Get students to create Pi Cases - lego, cardboard, 3D print, laser cut, etc

-Get students to make a plan for buying pis for the school [each student, each class, one per school, etc]
-Get them to make business plans for different pi projects - they could pitch these to the class and the winning idea could be built

-Classroom Mascot - put a pi with a camera inside a teddy - get it to tweet a photo once a day of the class - you could also pre-program random things for it to say - or you could link it to other senses, like a noise sensor or temperature sensor
-Case competition - you could create cardboard templates for a pi case and get students to decorate/customise them (like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Design- ... case-out-/)
-Debate - I run Debate Club and whole school debates - I've put things like "This house believes all schools should teach coding" in before, so could put in some about Pis
-Pi soundtracks for any video projects students do!
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Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
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Re: Bringing in other subjects

Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:30 am

Pe could build a camera that records students learning a skill, they hit a button it stops recording and shows back the last 10 seconds for students to evaluate their performance (skill)

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Re: Bringing in other subjects

Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:05 pm

Don't forget DT and STEM - GPIO opens up the whole world of physical computing to the Pi user.

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