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Course Raspberry PI in Brazil

Sat May 07, 2016 12:23 am

Hello, my name is Fabio Scoppetta and work with IT for 17 years. Last year I bought the Raspberry Pi 2 and really enjoyed it. And I had an idea to teach basics in the Raspberry Pi in poor regions in São Paulo Brazil.
My idea is to offer free basic course Raspberry PI for young people who have not yet college, but they are studying.
The issues that would teach students would be:

1- Installing Raspian using the Epiphany, Claws Mail, LibreOffice ...

2 Fundamentals linux basic commands, directories, permissions, saw, logs, grub kernel ..

3 How to create a retro video game with Retropie

4 Introduction to creating sites with Wordpress.
And I have some questions:

a) I wonder if you already have some teaching project in Brazil?

b) You will have Picademy in Brazil?

c) I need to mandatorily participate in the Picademy to teach about Raspberry Pi.

d) I do not know if you know Brazil is in crisis and this high Dollar against the Brazilian Real. 1 US$ = R$ 3,6 approximately. Is there any way that I can buy the Raspberry PI (I need 04 at first) with reduced cost for the courses? As I go forward on the project, I will try some sponsors for students win a Rpi each. But here this is not easy.

Sorry the many questions!


Fábio Scoppetta


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Re: Course Raspberry PI in Brazil

Thu May 19, 2016 4:42 pm


We used to sell products into Brazil but since the currency collapsed our customers have dried up. I want to see if there is a way we can make our products in Brazil so reduce the price. The new Raspberry PI's can run windows 10. Windows is one of the OS's we support and porting to Pi has been done successfully by us.

I would appreciate a little insight .
1. How do you purchase Pi's in Brazil. ?
1.1 How much do they cost a)if you pay all duties and taxes b) you avoid duties and taxes

2. How would you purchase 100 of them ?
2.1 How much do they cost a)if you pay all duties and taxes

Do not include shipping costs in the price please.

If we can find a decent price, we can make our product in Brazil and hence we would be looking for a partner.

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