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Wed May 08, 2019 1:28 pm

Hello community.

Working now in the USB section of my design. I planning to use the USB as dual role host & device port. The behaviour will be determined if a USB OTG adapter (like the ones included with some cell phones) is plugged (act as host) or not (act as device).

I am using a micro USB connector (5 Pin) that includes the OTG_ID.

I have wired the OTG_ID directly to pin 168 in SODIMM connector. I did not placed the R12 indicated in the CMIO board just wired the pin directly.

Am I missing something or that would be all?

By the way how does CMIO switch the USB behaviour?. From the schematic I understand the switch logic when VBUS is present or not but I don´t see anything driving the OTG_ID pin of the CM3.

Thanks for your comments!

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